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1/8 on Motorcycle “Saturn” Released

Author:X-Rider   Date:2016/07/01

X-Rider release Saturn 1/8 on motorcycle, which are Innovated by itself. Saturn not only continued oustanding quality ,excellent throttle response in a series of 1/10 and 1/4,but also has breakthrough in the steering , speed  and aggressive power Event if high speed can keep stable and balance.Saturn will sale on the market in July by X-Rider

1/8 Saturn features

1.Innovative design of the front wheel inverted shock absorbers and rear wheel pendulum arm suspension for the most reliable grip performance

2.Front alloy calipers ensures excellent braking performance

3.Built-in Gyro in the rear wheel, providing an easy platform to control and a more stable driving experience

4.Oil-filled steering dampers provides better and faster turning action

5.High grade metal and carbon fiber chassis, uniquely designed for 1/8th application